Upcoming Event @ Frontline Books Chicago: The Hidden Radical that was MLK

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, the OAC has collaborated with Frontline Publishing to bring to you a never before seen side of the civil rights activists final years.

At 5 pm, we will begin with an opening reception of healthy refreshments and poetry readings from “Invocations and Admonitions” by Chinweizu by your host and OAC Co-Founder Chyna Fox. The Emmy nominated 2018 film, “King in the Wilderness” will begin promptly 6 pm. Afterward, at 8 pm, we have a very special presentation by our OAC Co-Founder Chris Marshall, “From Vietnam to Iran”. This short lecture will give a brief history and relation to fight Dr. King gave at the end of his life and the conflicts we are facing with Iran today. Finally, at 8:30 pm, we will have a group discussion and sharing of information towards the end.

Join us January 18th, 2020 at Frontline Books, 5206 S Harper for a Revolutionary remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King. Let’s build this community!

Love. Peace. Power

Omni-African Collective

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