Kobe is a Prime Example of a Class Enemy… so the fuck what?

I wasn’t impacted by Kobe Bryant. I didn’t grow up on him. I was saddened by the loss of a father and his child, but I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation until I looked at Chairman Christopher Marshall’s face. This is the most analytical, radical man I know. Someone who has studied WITH ME. That’s when I realized how deep this ish actually runs.

No one gives a fuck about your class analysis because they can’t HEAR you right now.

Imagine someone telling me about all of my fathers faults(of which he had many) on the same day that we found him lifeless in his bed. Imagine that.

Actually organizing, actually being on the street, actually counseling people, actually being responsible for people, actually directly working for Pan-African revolutionaries that you read about, and actually having to build an organization brick by brick has totally and irrevocably changed me.

These are things I don’t post on social media because it’s REAL. Because sometimes it’s ugly. Because sometimes it doesn’t fit in your text books. Because sometimes it doesn’t look like what you THINK being a revolutionary looks like.

I can’t be wagging my finger every damn day if I truly want to LEAD. If YOU want to be heard you have to hear the PEOPLE.

This is an opportunity to reach our people. Especially black men. It’s an opportunity to heal and understand who Kobe was and what we can do going FORWARD.

There is a huge disconnect between revolutionaries and the Masses and it’s never been so obvious to me as it is right now.

It sounds like a lot of y’all don’t have a social life with black people.

In order for Theory to have practice, you have to be with the people. You have to understand the people.

This ish with Kobe isn’t about his money. It isn’t about his donations or schools or sayings or cases or celebrity or anything of the sort.

You don’t care because you didn’t see what he meant to a lot of young black men AND women.

Athletics aren’t the devil, even though the business is.

We need a cultural revolution ASAP. Cause how we moving…. no one is going to want to listen to us. Why?

Because they won’t trust us.

They won’t trust us, because we don’t give a single damn about their pain and experience.

We have to meet the people where they are.

Being a scholar, being revolutionary doesn’t mean being RIGHT all the time. It doesn’t mean giving your hot take all the time. It means doing what needs to be done for your people.

They need to trust us. In order for that to happen, we need to be trustworthy.

Go out and be social among your people. Disconnect from social media and reconnect with the people. Listen to them. Hear them.

That’s how you “Build Community, Pending Revolution”.

We get it. You know theory. Do you know black people?


Co-Chairman of the OAC