Christopher J. Marshall is a researcher, writer, and former college basketball player. His first introduction into black liberation was watching his parents organize against the racist media and radio stations to get black people on the air. His parents went toe to toe with the Federal Trade Commissions and WON. His late sister was also a civil rights lawyer, who founded the firm Marshall Law Group, as they fought battles on behalf of black people.

From the Washington, D.C. area he learned a lot of himself and black people through his athleticism. He learned to value the resilience of black people and has decided to dedicate his life to the struggle. Chris is currently finishing his undergrad at a well recognized University and will be pursuing his PhD afterward. He just began his first lecture series, “Revolutionary MLK: From Vietnam to Iran”, and will be continuing to speak around the country.

Chyna Fox is a musician, orator, and writer/author from Chicago, IL. She was born Alicia Antonia Thompson, but from birth was given the name Chyna from her brother. From 9 years old she has performed professionally in 10 different countries and 2 continents. She’s trained under world reknowned vocalists and musicians, including her father. While Chyna has always been an activist and a protector, her worldview sharpened once in college. However, it wasn’t until she put down Karl Marx and picked up Frantz Fanon that her drive was solidified.

Chyna is currently finished her undergraduate degree and will be publishing her first book, Bitter Black Bitch, in Spring of 2020. She has picked up her organizing work that she began more than 15 years ago and is currently speaking and singing around the Chicagoland area.

Chris and Chyna met each other online at the end of 2015, after being facebook friends for a couple of years. They first began their work in an organization called “BOHU” in 2016. After internal issues and a lack of dedicated members, the group ended and the duo went back to the drawing board. This was all before they ever even met in person. In 2017, on an impromptu trip to Congressional Black Caucus Week, they finally met in person. While it was never supposed to be a romance, it was love & revolution at first sight. They both saw the passion and drive within each other and knew that the work they were doing online and in person, had meaning. Over the next 2.5 years they’ve studied and slowly began building what you see now. From B.O.H.U to R.E.A.D. to Omni-African Collective, they have put their best efforts to do what they can for their community.

These are your Chairpersons for Omni-African Collective. Let’s Build Community, Pending Revolution.