First and foremost, we would like to thank each and every person who has donated time, energy, and intellect with our study group. It is hard work meeting every week and discussing our condition. We appreciate and recognize every bit of your efforts. We are now expanding our reach and looking to put the ACTION in R.E.A.D. to work. In order to do that we need YOU.

Our events are totally funded by the founders, as is every website, hosting, Zoom, TShirt, button, bookmark, room rentals, and every other expense. We need community support, because that is the only way anything will ever flourish. To do more for the people, we need help.

Donate what you can, when you can. If it’s possible, try a monthly donation. Make sure to leave your email address. We are very transparent with the funds and have a monthly donor meeting to discuss where, if any, funds will be allocated.

You can also join our Patreon where we have monthly benefits and rewards for becoming a contributor (Including getting your name in our Newspaper and select OAC videos!). Our tier benefits are listed below. All benefits will be given between September and October 1st! Join here: Become a Patron!

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Thank you for your support in Building Community, Pending Revolution

Chris & Chyna