Our Philosophy

Omni-African Collective’s philosophy stems from the Black Radical Tradition of revolutionary Pan Africanism. Our name, Omni-African, means that we welcome all African, Black, people as long as they have the foundation of principles that will lead us to victories. We believe that there needs to be a human and practical side to revolutionary theory. We know that it will take all African people from all walks of life to continue the work our ancestors started. The OAC is contributing to a cultural revolution where no one is demonized, yet they are understood and worked with. We believe in co-operation, sound principles, and determination toward liberation.

Meet the Team

Chyna Fox

Director of Media

Chyna is a trained musician, orator, and upcoming author.

Chris Marshall

Director of Research

Chris works in publishing and distribution of rare black literature as well as contributing his own scholarly works

Next Steps…

If you are interested in joining this organization click this link and submit your contact information. We will be in contact with you shortly.